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PULROSE Isle of Man, Stone (doubtful), fell 1813

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PULROSE, Isle of Man
A fall of a pumiceous stones is said to have occurred sometime between 1813 and 1819 , but the evidence is not conclusive.

The reference quoted for this in the BMNH catalogue is a letter by J. Murray in The Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science, volume 54, page 39. but this only mentions an earlier article, and quotes details of a reported fall of similar material (Roa, Spain, 1438), to which Murray states "The analogy is very striking".

Extract from a letter written to The Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science, volume 54, 1819, page 39.

"You may remember that in one of my former papers I adverted to a meteoric stone which fell at Pulrose in the Isle of Man. The evidence which I collected seemed to attest the fact, and place it beyond a doubt; and yet its physical characters of extreme levity and scoriaceous texture, seemed to impose a doubt upon its identity..."

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Philosophical Magazine and Journal of Science
J. Murray, 1819 or earlier, volume unknown.