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Various articles and reports from Monthly Magazine.

Volume 9, Feb 1, 1800.
page 24. Letter reporting a meteor seen in various parts of England, on the 12th of November last. By J.R.      High Wycombe.

Volume 14, Jan 1, 1803.
page 522-24. Reflections on certain rocky substances, which, it is pretended, have fallen on the Earth.

Volume 15, May 1, 1803.
page 356-7. Supplement to a preceding Memoir on Stones presumed to have fallen from the Skies.

Volume 16, December 1, 1803.
page 432-38. Curious facts relating to stones and other substances, said to have fallen at different periods, and in different places, from the clouds.

Volume 16, January 1, 1804.
page 534-38. An Account of the Chemical Analysis of certain Stones and other substances said to have fallen from the Clouds, and of the several Theories adopted by Philosophers to account from the phenomena.
( Concluded from p. 438. )

Volume 17, Febuaray 1, 1804.
page 6. Description of the meteor which was seen in london and other places, Nov. 13, 1803, at about half past eight in the evening. With a Copper Plate.

Volume 17, July 1, 1804.
page 592. details and series of proofs, collected by Citizen Biot...of a meteor observed at Aigle, on the 6th of Floreal, year 11...

Volume 22, September 1, 1806.
page 144-46. On shooting stars, meteors, and meteoric stones, with calculations and remarks relative to the meteor of the 17th of july last. By John Farey.