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Various reports from NOTES AND QUERIES.
started in 1849, "a medium of intercommunication for literary men, artists, antiquaries, genealogists, etc.", carrying brief reports of completed research on humanities and related subjects and questions inviting answers in subsequent issues.

NOTES AND QUERIES (3rd S. x. Aug 4, 1866)
Aerolites: (Joshua, x. 10,11)

NOTES AND QUERIES (3rd S. x. Aug 25 1866)
response to the Biblical references to 'great stones', (3rd S. x. 94) and some recorded casualties from aerolites by T. J. Buckton.

NOTES AND QUERIES (3rd S. x. Sept 8, 1866)
Correction and further notes form the author of the original notes

NOTES AND QUERIES (3rd S. x. Dec 1, 1866)
Greek temple idols and Phoenician aerolites

NOTES AND QUERIES (2nd S. No.12 Aug 24 1861)
Query requesting infomation of an aerolite reported to have fell on Salisbury Plain in 1836

NOTES AND QUERIES (2nd S. No.27 July 5, 1856)
The Image of Diana at Ephesus--Aerolite Worship(2nd S. i. 410)