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Original Researches


Mineralogy and Chemistry

by J. Lawrence Smith

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title page
A biographical sketch of professor J. Lawrence Smith by J. B. Marvin, M. D.
In memory of J. Lawrence Smith. M. D. by Middleton Michel, M. D.
Sketch of the life and scientific work of Dr. J. Lawrence Smith by B. Silliman.

p367-404 Memoir on Meteorites.
p405-408 Harrison County (Ind.) meteorites.
p409-410 Description of three new meteorites.
p411-425 Guernsey County (Ohio) meteorites.
p426-428 Three new meteorites.
p429-430 Bishopville meteoric stone.
p431-433 A new meteorite from Wayne County, O.
p434-437 Newton County (Ark.) meteorite
p438-440 Colorado meteoric irons.
p441-443 Coahuila (Mexico) meteorites of 1868.
p444-445 The Wisconsin meteorites.
p446-451 Franklin County (ky.) meteoric iron.
p452-457 Stewart County (Ga.) meteorite.
p458-461 Danville (Ala.) meteorite
p462-463 Searsmont (Maine) meteorite.
p464-468 Meteoric irons of North Mexico.
p469-472 Victoria meteoric iron (fell in South Africa in 1862.)
p473-477 Meteoric iron of Howard County, Ind.
p478-479 Description of the Nash County meteorite.
p480-486 Singular anomaly of the sesquioxide of iron as prepared from meteoric iron.
p487-490 On the passage of two bolides in 1872 and 1874 over middle Kentucky.
p491 On a bolide of January 31st, that passed over Kentucky.
p492-495 A note in relation to the mass of meteoric iron that fell in Dickson County, Tenn., in 1835.
p496-514 Solid carbon compounds in meteorites.
p515-518 Argonite on the surface of a meteoric iron.
p519-522 An account of a new meteoric stone that fell on March 25, 1865, in the Wisconsin, and its identical with the meno meteorite.
p523-527 Examination of the Waconda meteoric stone, Bates County meteoric iron, and Rockingham County meteoric iron.
p528-539 A description of the Rochester, Warrenton, and Cynthiana meteoric stones.
p540-543 On the composition of the new meteoric mineral, Daubreelite, and its frequent, if not universal occurrence in meteoric irons.
p544-585 Memoire sur le fer natif du Groenland et sur la dolerite qui le renferme.
p586-591 Study of the Emmet County meteorite, that fell near Estherville, Emmet County, Iowa, May 10, 1879.
p592-594 A new meteoric mineral (Peckhamite) and some additionial facts conected with the fall of meteorites in Iowa, May 10, 1879.
p595-596 Occurence of a nodule of chromite in the interior of compact meteoric iron from Coahuila.
p597-598 Anomalie magetique de fer meteorique de Sainte-Catherine.
p599-606 On the pecular concretions occuring in meteoric irons.
p607-611 Catalogue of meteorites belonging to J. Lawrence Smith.