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Catalogue of the WARD-COONLEY collection of METEORITES


Ochansk, 1877
Ochansk, 1877
stella cadens, transvolans, transcurrens, transversa.

Chicago, 1904

This contents page is a modern addition produced by Eric Hutton.
Photograph One of six largest cases of uniform size.

Title page
Part I.    Iron Meteorites: Siderites
Part II.   Siderolites
Part III.  Aerolites
Part IV.   Alphabetical list of all known meteorites
Part V.    Geographical distribution of all known meteorites
Part VI.   Taxonomy
Part VII.  Distribution of the Ward-Coonley meteorites among the groups
Part VIII. Summary of Collection
Part IX.   Adjunct Material
Part X.    Casts of Meteorites
Part XI.   Medals of Meteorites
Explanation to Plates
Plate I
Fig 1. Toluca, showing curved octahedral structure
Fig 2. El Capitan
Fig 3. Glorieta Mountain, showing curved octahedral structure
Fig 4. Grand Rapids
TBC Fig 5 through 12.
Plate II
Fig 1. Waldron Ridge
Fig 2. Bella Roca
Fig 3. Thurlow
Fig 4. Joe Wright Mountain
Fig 5. Canon Diablo
Fig 6. Saint Francois County
Fig 7. Youdegin
Fig 8. Tonganoxie
Fig 9. Wichita Co
Fig 10. San Angelo
Fig 11. Mungindi
Fig 12. Bohumilitz
Fig 13. Merceditas
Plate III
Fig 1. Sacramento Mountains
Fig 2. Oroville
Fig 3. Cranbourne
Fig 4. Roebourne
Fig 5. Nocoleche
Fig 6. Augustinowka
Fig 7. Glorieta
Fig 8. Russel Gulch
Fig 9. Thunda
Plate IV
Fig 1. Morristown
Fig 2. Brenham ("Haviland" Meteorite)
Fig 3. Veramin
Fig 4. Mincy
Fig 5. Medwedewa
Fig 6. Homestead
Fig 7. Knyahinya, polished face
Fig 8. Knyahinya, nearly complete stone
Fig 9. New Concord, polished face
Fig 10. New Concord, showing pittings
Fig 11. Hessle, complete stone
Plate V
Carlton, Hamilton Co.
Plate VI
Brenham, Kiowa Co.
Plate VII
Bald Eagle (slice)
Plate VIII
Franceville (slice)
Photograph Single Small Case. (Nejed, Youndegin, Arispe, &c.)