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A sample selection of observing reports and letters from the British Astronomical Association meteor section archive.

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From the Herschel -- Denning correspondence.

Letter from Herschel to Denning dated ap 25th '89
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Letter from Herschel to Denning dated Dec 26th '90
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Meteors observed at Slough, Bucks, Sep 19-28, 1896; by A. S. Herschel

Letter from Herschel to Denning dated June 11th '98
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Letter from Herschel to Denning dated Sept 10th 1900
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Extracts from Denning's notebook that covers 1922-23.
four pages of perseid observations, then nineteen pages concerning the fireball's of November 2nd and 11th, 1924 visible over England. Collected observations, press cuttings, letters, etc.

From A. King's visual observational notebook, which covers 1933 Mar 24 -- 1936 Jan 8.
I have reproduced the first eighteen pages, starting on
March 24th, 1933 continuing through to the Leonids of November, ending with a watch on the 21st April 1935.. Note page eight is blank.

From a notebook labeled Raw observations plus Analysis J.P.M. Prentice Notebook (1903-1981)
six pages of raw observations starting 10th August 1939, a Summary of Photographic Work: Aug 15--16 and a Summary of Binocular Work

six pages from the entries starting 1924 Jan 3. These entries run from 1922 to October 1928. Then a page of notes, followed by positions of observers and a page titled as far as I can decipher "General Memoranda for Printer", viewable here.

Meteor Observing report from G. E. D. Alcock, 29th Dec 1945
Various photographs and specrta of meteors
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Two perseid meteors, with the constellation in the background.
Spectrum of a perseid meteor, 1991 August 12d 23h 46m 06s +/- 3 sec UT.

178mm f/2·5 Aero Ektar with 30°ree; flint prisim, 5x4 t/PS. Exposure: 22:25--23:49 UT. Increasing wavelenght (L to R)
Perseid meteor showing terminal burst.
Meteor showing irregular path, through Scutum. Taken by M.J.Hendrie.

1967 May 31·02. f/2·5 8½" f.l. HP3 40m.