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Meteorites in Collections and Their Literature

An Attempt To Determine The Exchange Value Of Meteorites

by Dr. E. A. Wülfing

A.O. Professor At The University of Tübingen

Published By Laupp's Library

Gratefully dedicated to the Geh. Bergrat Prof. Dr. H. Rosenbusch

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Increasing number of meteorites
Circular of July 1893
Short survey of the total known weights of meteorites
Request for further information
Present distribution of meteorites
Invitation for exchange of meteorites
Exchange facilitated by a scale of values

Explanatory notes for the inventory of meteorites in alphabetical order along with an explanation of abbreviations
Abert-Eisen --- Angra dos Reis
Antifona --- Avilez

Babb's Mill --- Bemdego
Benares --- Bitburg
Bjelaja Zerkow -- Boyett
Brahin --- Bremervorde
Brenham -- Butsura

Cabarras Co.--- Caryfort
Casale --- Charwallas
Chassigny --- Coahuila
Cobija --- Cowra
Crab Orchard --- Czartorya

Dalton --- Djati-Pengilon
Doab --- Dyalpur

Eagle Station --- Estherville

Faha --- Futtehpore

Galapain --- Gyulatelke

Hacienda Concepcion --- Hizen
Hollands Store --- Hungen

Ibbenbuhren --- Ixtlahuaca

Jacala --- Juvinas

Kaaba --- Klein-Wenden
Knasta --- Kusiali

La Baffe --- Lexington Co
Liberty --- Llando del Inca
Lockport --- Lutschaunig

Macao --- Mazapil
Mecca --- Mittel-Stuhre
Mocs --- Mysore

Nagaya --- Newton Co
Ngawi --- Nyons

Oaxaca --- Oynchi-mura

Pacula --- Plymouth
Pnompehn --- Putnam Co.

Queensland --- Qutahar Bazar

Rakowka --- Rutlam

Sabetmahet --- Sawiauk
Scheikahr Stattan --- Sewrukof
Shalka --- Ssyromolotow
Staartje --- Szlanicza

Tabarz --- Thuringen
Tieschitz --- Tourinnes-la-Grosse
Transsylvania --- Tysnes

Uden --- Utrecht

Vaca Muerta --- Vouille

Waconda --- Wyoming
Yanhuitlan --- Youndegin
Zaborzika --- Zweibrucken

Poorly documented meteorites. Some pseudometeorites. Three recent falls (Lesves, Madrid und Nagy-Borove).

Inventory of collections

An attempt to determine the exchange value of meteorites
There are eight factors to be taken into consideration:
Total known weight.
Petrographic properties (occasional change of group weights).
Number of owners.
Future meteorite falls - Legal ownership / Nationalization!).
cost factor.
State of preservation and condition weathering degree, fracturing, etc.
Historical interest.
Fall or find.

Finding different formulae
Rounding off weights and the number of owners/institutions
Choosing a formula
Tabulation of the values

Systematic overview of existing meteorites and their exchange values