This web site provides over 10,000 pages of information, 1281 articles, representing about 400 meteorite falls/finds and numerious reports of meteor showers and individual fireballs. The content was originally published on 3 CDs between 1998 and 2003, but is now freely available online and has been extended as additional items and time become available.

The content is 69% in English, German makes up 19%, with French 11.5% and Spanish 0.5%.

The original texts have been scanned, and are viewable on screen as 'photocopies'. At the top and bottom of each page are options to go forward to the next page, back to the previous page, or start at the first page. In addition the larger articles and books allow you to start at a particular page number, or use an index.

A Guide to locating information
With the easiest first...

(a) To find information on a particular meteorite...then look it up the the A-Z index. If it does not appear there then try the indexes of each of the individual books & catalogues mentioned in the beginning of the A-Z index.

(b) If you have a reference naming an article in a journal or magazine then check the contents by publication. If it is not one included, it is still possible that the author had their article published in another contemporary journal/magazine, check the contents by author index for that.

(c) If you have only an incomplete reference, maybe just a date, or a title. Then look in the index by date within which you can also search for a word in the title using the find text option in your web browser. This same index by date is also supplied on the DVD as a file suitable for loading into most spreadsheet programs...after which further sorting or searching could be performed.

(d) If you are looking for articles or information on a particular subject or topic, then try my index by subject but note I have not the time to read through all 9,800+ pages and index the contents! My best advice is to find a good modern book on the subject and use that as a starting point, following up any references, or authors mentioned. The DVD also contains a number of introductory articles, written by various authors, listed in the index by subject under introductory and these are worth looking at. Finally don't forget the Internet! or ask someone knowledgeable.

(e) Other resources, its always a good idea to ask for help, and new resources, on the Internet, or traditionally published are always coming along. For example, Google book search.

master index
In addition to using the various web pages of indexes provided, a master list of articles, in a format suitable for reading into a spreadsheet such as MS Excel. The file is called ALL.CSV
It is a tab separated file, each field listed below being separated by a tab character.

  1. HTML link
  2. Periodical name or BOOK or CDROM
  3. Series, optional
  4. Volume
  5. (from)page
  6. (to)page, optional
  7. Date
  8. Author, Surname first, or ??? for unknown
  9. Title