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August 2013
Rather than seperate scan of each original page, I am now using a single PDF file for a report of a fall or an article, these PDF files have been put through an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program, thereby allowing the recognised text to be searched or copied and pasted from each report. As time allows I will reprocess all the existing reports into PDF files. Note the OCR is not perfect!
IMPORTANT NOTE... If you want to copy and paste the recognised text DON'T attempt this from within the web browser view as this appears to split the words and characters onto seperate lines! Instead download the PDF document then open up in Acrobat Reader, this allows a much more normal view.

Dokachi (Bangladesh)
Bholgháti, Karkh, Delhi, Haraiya, Andhára, Kalambi, Bhágur, Jamkhair, Pirganj (India & Bangladesh)
Kuttippuram, Shupiyan and Kamsagar (India)
Chambord (Canada, Quebec)
Kangra Valley (India)
Lundsgard (Sweden) (in Swedish)
Nakhla (Egypt) 1912 report by John Ball with maps and plates
Ngawi (Java, Indonesia) (in Dutch)
Tjabe (Java, Indonesia) (in Dutch)

April 2011
Castray River Tasmania
Blue Tier, Castray River and Lefroy Tasmania
Obsidian Buttons various articles from the Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania
Knowles (Oklahoma, U.S.A)
Yenberrie (Australia)
Mokoia (New Zealand)
Denton County (Texas, U.S.A)
Puerta de Arauco (Argentina) (in Spanish)
Indio Rico (Argentina) (in Spanish)
El Perdido (Argentina) (in Spanish)
Nogoya (in Spanish)
Lujan (Argentina) (in Spanish)
Cachari (Argentina) (in Spanish)
Jemlapur (India)
Tané (Japan)
Leeuwfontein (South Africa)
Iredell (Texas U.S.A.)
Union County (Georgia, U.S.A.)
Pitts (Georgia, U.S.A.)
New Baltimore (Pennsylvania, U.S.A)
Glasgow (Kentucky, U.S.A)

March 2011
Hoba (South-West Africa), the largest known meteorite
The meteorite craters at Henbury, Central Australia
Piedale do Bagre Minas Geraes, Brazil
Lake Brown , Western Australia
Vaalbult, Witklip, and Queens Mercy Three South African meteorites
Karee Kloof, and the meteoric stones of Leeuwfontein and Sinai Peninsula
Ashdon, Essex (UK) on March 9, 1923
Mount Ayliff and Simondium South Africa
Uwet, Kota Kota, and Angela
Wittekrantz, South Africa
Baroti, Punjab, India
El Nakhla El Baharia (Egypt)
Simondium, Cape Colony
Henbury (Central Australia) and Wabar (Arabia) Meteoric iron and silica-glass from the meteorite craters of